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Band History

History of Mr. Sparkle

Mr. Sparkle started as a three piece punk band doing covers, just Koko, Kazu and Jasun. After a while that got boring and we wanted to do covers, so originals we written. After a while something sounded like it was missing so Young Sun joined at first playing trumpet to get the ska horns we needed, then came Sol with some talented sax and later Yasu came to replace Young Sun as trumpet and Young Sun picked up the trombone. After a month or so to add to our ska madness we picked up Hye Nam and he played some rhythm guitar, very madness indeed. Later we decided to let our other French friend Lewie join our band, he plays tenor sax, so we decided, why the hell not? So that's where Mr. Sparkle got their 8 piece ska band. We're working on a bunch of songs right now and working to get a demo done.